Enjoy Cozumel in a way most travelers never get to experience. Join us as our Course Director, and former Cozumel resident takes you to the best reefs AND restaurants the island has to offer. Experience the wonderful culture of the locals both above and below the water. Explore hidden reefs away from the main tourist boats and learn from the local divemasters on the best ways to approach for a shot.

Cozumel is one of our favorite places to lead group tours for their fantastic coral structures like you’re diving in Lord of the Rings, amazing cuisine, and friendly local culture. Finish out the trip with a dive in the most pristine cenote’s in the world. Join us!

Full inclusions and exclusions listed on trip information page. All reservations require a Travel Agreement and Travel Waiver to secure your spot, found on www.scubanetwork.com/forms

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COZUMEL April 2024

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